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ALIGN YOUR HORSE CLASSICALLY - Body Work - Ground Work - Biomechanic Alignment

Date Added: 3/12/2023
Posted By: Tina Ann Legno
13290 Norsire Lane    [ MAP ]
Lovettsville,   VA  
Email Address: aliviofarm@gmail.com
Web Link: http://www.aliviohorse.solutions
Phone: 571.577.7447

Align your horse
with straightness and balance, develop a healthy topline and a happy horse
Body Work, Work in hand, lunge work and riding
The benefits of work in hand are paramount for all ages of horses and riders - from foals to retirees
27 years Classical Training Experience
Available for training, evaluations and consultation
At Alivio, we incorporate the whole horse
From body work to physical training, releasing and strengthening the correct muscles for optimal flow and resistance free movement
Alignment Solutions for all Horses and Riders
All Disciplies and Breeds welcome
Balance and Trust work together which cultivate alignment and harmony
There are many approaches to helping our horses and ourselves to have a better connection
We can personalize a program for you and your horse
Work In Hand
Long Lining
Basic leading
We can help you and your horse have a healthy, well balanced working relationship through proper alignment.
Providing alignment solutions for everyday issues.

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