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Beautiful Smart Thoroughbred

Birth Date: 3/29/2009
Height: 15.1 hh
Markings: Connective star and stripe, left foreleg sock, left hind leg half cannon, right hind leg half cannon
Breed(s): Thoroughbred
Discipline(s): Athletic, Barrel Racing, Gymkhana, Ridden English, Ridden Western, Sporthorse, All Around
Color(s): Bay
Sex: Female

Date Added: 5/18/2020
Posted By: Teresa Janaro
237 Washington Avenue    [ MAP ]
Front Royal,   VA  
Email Address: teresa.n.janaro@gmail.com
Phone: 5406314437

Here's the scoop on this beautiful mare! Sired by Ernie Tee out of DK Keys, Tindra (barn name) has been registered in the jockey club but I am unsure of her current status as I have not kept up with it since I purchased her. Tindra is not off the track! She never raced and so does not have any post track injuries/ racehorse bolting mentality! Tindra has excellent bloodlines and a pedigree to prove it, with lineage back to Man o' War, so while she has never been in foal, breeding her is a great option!

I would rather her to go to a home where she is consistently ridden and worked with, she is an excellent horse when time is put into her, the only reason I'm selling. When I have consistently worked with her I have put children on her and she has very solid ground manners, but I absolutely will not sell her to anyone who has less than intermediate experience with horses. She is very spunky and spirited, great pep in her step with a beautiful slow and extended trot. She'll make like a bullet if you ask her but with a steady hand is easy to control and a pleasure to ride.

Tindra is barefoot and I have had zero problem with abscesses/hoof issues in the time I have owned her. I keep her on a pretty consistent 6-8 wk. trim. She keeps a very healthy weight in the summer, and with hay and grain in the winter she does fine. She is pastured 24/7, I take very good care of this girl but she is not spoiled one bit.

Tindra has been in shows a minimal amount and could definitely use more experience on trails. She is a follower more than a leader, and so is much happier with her buddies on the trails. She is easy to tack up but can be a little cinchy (doesn't bite or kick, just get's annoyed). Tindra is stubborn when it comes to loading, but I am currently working with her on that and most of the kinks should be worked out by the time you purchase. She also has trouble standing for the farrier but with a firm hand will get it done.

Tindra's key word is potential, you can take her wherever you want to go. I bought her a year and a half ago as a project horse and she has progressed well but needs more consistency than I can give her as I will be going to college. I ride her western 100% of the time, but she was initially started English and could really be used in almost any discipline. Only 11, she is a good mare because she's still got the spunk but her age has mellowed out most of the crazies :).

Please feel free to call, email, or text me, I know I just put a lot of info up, but I've got more! Plus I'd be happy to send along more pics and videos, I've got tons! I will only sell to a good home where I know she'll be used and taken care of, no exceptions.

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